What Happened When I Did The Two Cup Method

Have you ever come across something that is totally brand new to you and it feels like everyone else has known about this thing, but you had no idea it was even a thing?! Kind of mind-blowing?

That was me, two days ago. I stumbled upon a YouTuber talking about some law of attraction stuff and I happened to read in the comments – I know. Usually it is scary territory to start reading YouTube comments, but I’m super-glad I took a chance. Sometimes you can actually learn things of value.

A viewer posted that they were doing this technique as suggested in the video by the YouTuber, and said, “I’m also doing the two cup method”.

(sound of screeching record) WHAT?! The TWO CUP METHOD?! What the heck is THAT?!

I think I was as equally amazed that there was this new thing that I had known nothing about, as I was about learning the actual new thing. I mean, yes, cool new technique. Very cool. I’ll explain in a bit. AND…Also cool, that something new has popped into my reality. SO cool. You know why that’s so cool? Because it means I’m upping my vibration. New things are being revealed to me. It means all the inner work, and healing, and meditation and journaling, etc., I’ve been doing – is moving those old energies.

And I feel it.

And it’s all happening rapidly. And it’s so fun.

We have to back up just a tiny bit here, and remind you of the work done by Dr. Masaru Emoto. He taught us that our thoughts/feelings/emotions influence the structure of water crystals. I’ve been doing a lot of work lately blessing my water cup every time I fill it. The two cup method uses a little bit of this technique, as well. So keep in mind, as we go on, that our thoughts influence water structure. And our bodies are 70% water.

The equipment you’ll need is pretty simple: two glasses, drinkable water, two post-it notes and a pen. Of course, use what you have. You want to be able to affix the notes to the glasses.

Pour your water into the first glass. On the first post-it, write down all the bits of your current circumstances you do not want to experience anymore. You can do this with your whole life, but for simplicity sake, I chose my financial situation. Acknowledge all that sucks about the current situation. Don’t hold back. Part of why this works is because this part forces you to acknowledge what is. You can change what you refuse to acknowledge. And, you cannot get to where you want to be, without knowing exactly where you’re starting from.

So if it is finances, write down what you don’t like – no freedom, can’t go on vacation, always struggling with bills, or having to always watch what you spend, not having more than one stream of income. Whatever it IS for you, write it down. Acknowledge it. Feeling stuck. Feeling limited. Write it all down and stick it to the outside of the glass.

Next, write down on the other post-it, all the attributes of your new, preferred circumstances. Again, with finances, maybe it is financial freedom, never having to hold back when you see something you want to purchase, having no debt, able to go on vacation and totally enjoy yourself without worrying about money. Whatever is true FOR YOU. There needs to be emotion behind the words. Make this work for you.

Next, pour the water from the glass of current reality into the glass of desired reality. Take a moment to say thank you to the Universe for such an abundant life, for the betterment of all, and so it is. Or some such prayer of gratitude. Then…..drink in your super-charged desired reality water, all of it!

That’s it. You are embodying the energy of your desired reality by drinking in your super-charged water. You have made it part of yourself. The cells of that water become YOU. The energy you have charged into the water in the glass, with your thoughts and feelings, will inform your cells, will boost the energy of your cells.

Now, experiencing that desired reality, bringing it into physical reality, I am sorry (not sorry) to say, will take some effort on your part. More on how to help this, later. This is a powerful technique, though, so expect changes. Keep up your usual grounding practices and take inspired action, because it WILL come. I’m so excited to share this with you. I immediately felt a shift in my energy, which was confirmed in a meditation that followed. Here’s what happened:

In meditation, I held both glasses in my mind. Current reality on the left, desired on the right. I spoke to both of them, and I asked my current and desired self to speak with each other. My current self asked desired self what needed to shift in order to experience the desired reality. Desired self simply said I had to get rid of the blocks that were keeping me from living my best life. I’m very visual in my meditations, so I saw these huge building blocks, like something a child would play with, but ridiculously large. My desired self, as she’s explaining all this, gave them a back-handed swat and all the colourful blocks went scattering. I could not help but smile, laugh even, WHILE MEDITATING. I was instantly reminded that we are here to play and it definitely helped me lighten the mood. Working on finances has, historically, been such a drag for me. We’re human. We don’t want to look at them. We would rather the hard stuff just went away, instead of dealing.

I asked for my desired reality. Now it is my job to 1) take INSPIRED action, and 2) TRUST. (The trust piece was really a big deal for me this past week. More on that later.)

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