thank you goddess

thank you goddess thank you universe for this beautiful life. today great things are coming to me.

i was listening to a dude on youtube on a saturday afternoon. i’m such an introvert, i truly love hanging out with my doggie watching youtube videos and netflix, when there’s a good movie or two.

i watched this dude telling us about law of attraction. now, i’ve been on this learning journey for years and years and yet, i have yet to manifest in any meaningful way. so i’m not anything special and really need to keep learning…so i’m listening.

in this one video he did, he talks about starting your day saying “thank you goddess, thank you universe, for this beautiful life”. he actually says god, but i choose to use the word goddess for the ever-expansive, fullsome universe.

i realized how little i’ve been expressing my thankfulness for what is. to be honest, i’ve been letting myself get and stay caught up in what isn’t the way i want it to be. so i cannot get all rough on myself about that, because, well, that would just be affirming more of the same vibration.

i don’t know if it’s the planetary shifts happening right now, but what seems like suddenly, i have had this burst of energy to get my life in fast gear. it’s like the perfect storm, suddenly it is GO time. like it’s no longer okay to keep treading water. i have to make and take massive action. today.

what made this happen? does it really matter? i don’t know that it does, but i will offer up a bit of an explanation in that my 20-year old daughter is experiencing what, to me, feels like restriction in her freedom, stuckness in her career. now i know that what is happening in HER life is HER life. AND it also happens to be an experience that is showing up in MY life. so in that regard, i get to use what i see to practice my free will. if i was not vibrating “restricted freedom and the perception of no choice” it would not have appeared in my experience.

so i use it to make change in my life. will it help my daughter? maybe. maybe not. she is her own person. all i know is this experience showed up in my life. the fact that i no longer feel that way personally, tells me tons, because i USED to feel that way in my previous job.

there is distance from that vibration now. and i am so grateful that i’ve made positive changes.


i am not going to settle for what is, because there is desire within to experience more. it has taken me years (YEARS!) to convince myself that i deserve all the goodness the universe has to offer. it took me a very long time to reprogram my subconscious to stop believing that i was asking for too much (part of my upbringing) and that some people get the good life, but you don’t, kind of thing, as if there is a finite amount of ‘stuff’ to go around and, well, we just aren’t those kind of people, and further, if you want to stay being a good girl, you won’t be wanting money because people with money are not nice.

that’s the programming i believed for so long. but i’m breaking that now. i’m 58 years old. it’s not too late. what i want is still very, very achievable. the fact that i even desire it tells me definitively, that i have what i need within to make it a reality.

listening to the youtube dude made me realize how i’ve been settling. i’ve been treating the universe like a punitive parent who dictated whether i was deserving or not, instead of the all-loving, unconditionally giving source of everything that it is. in the past i’ve made semi asks and just let the universe deliver whatever it deemed worthy of delivering.

i’ve had it so wrong for so long.

it’s been me, all along, not asking with enough emotion. not affirming the reality i wish to experience. we ARE that powerful. i get that now. thank you dude on a Saturday afternoon.

this afternoon it has been affirmed for me, as well, that just because someone (or even a few someones) has been saying what you want to say, start saying it anyway. you never know the impact of your words on humanity. it was something about the way this dude spoke that gave me a huge a-ha moment. had i brushed him off as another youtuber who wants to show people how to make money with the law of attraction by regurgitating everything that has already been said, i would not have made what feels like a major shift in my thinking.

it’s important to remain open. especially when you don’t feel like doing it.

i get it can feel pretty disingenuous to say, “thank you goddess, thank you universe, for this beautiful life” when you’re not feeling it. say it anyway. and look around to see how it CAN be true. because it can be. we can find beauty wherever we look. it seems like it hides, but it is in plain sight.

today i decided to stop settling and start creating the reality i desire to experience. i’ll let you know how it goes.


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