The eternal light dwells in my heart and as you enter into my heart, held safe in my love for you, that light becomes visible to you. It will show you the way through any darkness, and help you understand the purpose of past suffering, so that you can let it go and be at peace, free from confusion, shame or doubt. There is divine purpose within all that is. You have been struggling and now it is time for rest. Step into the light of my heart now, beloved, and let the darkness go. The time is drawing near for your resurrection and release.

Our Lady of the Resurrection from Mother Mary Oracle by Alana Fairchild

I’m feeling a strong call to become more visible. To share collected wisdom. To be of service to humanity in a bigger, more expansive way.

Not knowing where to begin, this closing-in-on-autumn day, I turn to Alana Fairchild’s Mother Mary Oracle deck sitting beside me. As I shuffle the cards, all that is on my mind is a sense of being open to being guided on what to write for my first blog post of the revised, revived site.

I shuffle only briefly, before a card falls to the ground. I always take this as a sign, and this one did not disappoint. Our Lady of the Resurrection. How appropriate. You know, I was thinking about the struggles I’ve been through in life. Some of them, at least. Ones like not having the kind of mother that would feel better to have. Or just not getting the breaks I wanted in life. And why am I living alone. Now. Still. The more I think of the answers to these questions, the more I realize that whatever the struggle I’ve experienced, it has made me into the person I am today.

I wasn’t born the strong woman I am today. I wasn’t born the empathic being I am today. Well, maybe that one’s not such a good example. I didn’t have an excellent or even good mother to show me the way. I had to make my way myself, and not without errors. Some of them very big. I’ve had to make peace with my blunders and make peace with my children with the damages I may have inadvertently imposed on them. (it’s inevitable…we all get scars…no one gets out alive)

I can convince myself there is no use in saying anything. What I mean is, for every “stand” I put forth, I can think of a million alternatives. A million other perspectives. A million other ways the situation could be taken.

Except one.

That we are light beings. That we are here to BE joy. To BE light. To BE love. I cannot argue this. I also cannot argue that we have an obligation to be who we are. This same joy, light and love. OMG I feel like barfing, it sounds so cliche.

Cliche, but true. To me.

I am reminded that this call I feel, today, to resurrect my blog, to get writing again, does not come “from me”, but is a divine calling, from the angels, the helpers, the ancestors. Maybe even my deceased brother-in-law.

There are no mistakes and there is help all around us. All we have to do is ask. I asked for help in getting started again. The divine answered, through the oracle deck.

and yeah, it’s a bit creepy that my helpers are watching me, are aware of what I’m doing and going through….

I love them, nonetheless.


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