Red Goddess Spiral Notebook - Ruled Line

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Do you have a hard time remembering to journal? You know the benefits, but you forget to do it, or just don't feel inspired. What if it's something as simple as the design of your notebook? If you're anything like me, you've stood in front of a wall of journals at the store, only to leave without purchasing anything because the covers are just not very inspiring. Or, the covers are inspiring, but the darn book is SO big, it's not practical to write in every day.

Imagine living your desired life. YOU made that happen by getting clear on your intentions; by writing faithfully in your journal and working out the wanted and unwanted of your experience.

Journaling works! And you know it. As soon as your new journal arrives, you'll be inspired to pick it up every day to write you desired life into reality. 

The original artwork on this journal is called Red Goddess; in the background you'll see faint sacred geometry designs made lovingly for you, dear journaller.

  • 8" x 6" spiral bound notebook
  • durable cover and a black back cover
  • Includes a document folder, and 118 ruled pages.

Enjoy the art and magic of handwriting!