Feeling Late to the Party?

Photo by Nicolas Gras on Unsplash

It doesn’t matter that you’re waking up at an advanced age. YOU ARE WAKING UP! That is something worth celebrating! There is no race, no competition. Sure, it can be downright humbling to wake up to past mistakes, etc., but don’t let that turn into shame. There is nothing shameful about waking up. The angels are cheering you on for your clearing consciousness. It did not get you where you are without a sh*t ton of inner work. Don’t forget that. Yay YOU. Good for you. Smile because you ARE waking up. Be grateful for the ability, the MIRACLE of the process. What a wonderful world! It’s been hard. I know. Totally get it. AND…it is not a destination. It is a different way of being, and you’ll still have sh*t days, but you now have tools to get through them smoother. And they won’t come as frequently, because you’ve made some good, inner changes. You’ve changed your vibration. It’s cleaner and clearer up here. The sticky goo can’t stick around like it used to. So keep going. Keep up your practices. The journaling, meditation, grounding practices, breath work, visualizing, gratitude. Choosing how you want to feel. It’s constant practice and, eventually, you’ll find yourself doing these things automatically. Because you have practiced. And the new way of being feels better than life before practice. SO much to celebrate about this process, you see?! You haven’t survived this long, and come this far, to get all bummed about not making it here until now. What?! Who the f*ck cares?! Lovely, keep going with the flow. You’re here. You’re doing awesome.