writer, suburban feminist, mother & grandmother

Like any of us, I am so much more than the titles we use to describe us.

Right now, I have a burning, internal fire to let my voice be heard. Grow Your Goddess blog is the chosen vehicle. My mission is to help waking goddesses reclaim their power without making them feel “wrong” to want what they want.

I am the mother of two daughters (and a son); I am a daughter of a woman who remains asleep and unconscious. Part of my journey has involved coming to terms with this, and other, facts. To have not felt mothered in a way that would have, I still believe, made life much easier for me. This is, you can imagine, a complicated subject to unpack. Unpack it I will, though, through my writing.

I specialize in writing for, and working with, women who want to step into (or BACK into) their personal power without getting diverted by the status quo of their lives.

I’m excited for you to join me on this journey and invite you to subscribe to the newsletter (see sidebar) to keep in touch.

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